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How to Become the Undisputed Authority in your Market

From the desk of Bernardo Moya
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Introduction: Evening

6pm - 9pm 27th July - London

Dear NLP Practitioner,
As a valued member of the Best You NLP community, I wanted notify you of our Free one day seminar which has been created with you in mind.

After reviewing recent survey data, I spotted a couple of glaringly obvious ways to provide increased value to you as an NLP practitioner.

One is helping you to market your brand better, and two, help you to have a queue of clients standing in line chomping at the bit wanting to work with you.

Having attended hosted and staged some of Europe largest self-development events. I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know or work alongside some of the best of the best in this arena, who have paid their dues to rise to the top of the pile.
Now the good News for you is.

I’ve managed to pull off a master stroke in assembling these leading authorities to speak at the upcoming Turning Pro event.

Where they will share their insider trade secrets so that you can become the undisputed go-to Authority in your Niche.

You know, that person who is the pick of the pros.

I would like to personally invite to the Turning Pro seminar on the 27th of July to witness first-hand what it takes to be rock-star super-authority serving your market at the highest level.


The Secrets of  Becoming a Phenomenal Brand.

This session will be led by the straight talking queen of branding, Kubi Springer. She will walk through the formulas of branding for you and your business.

These are the exact same processes she uses when working with people Like Justin Timberlake, Puff Daddy and Rio Ferdinand and corporate brands like Nike, Atari Games and MTV. Kubi is phenomenal at her craft.

Kubi Springer

How To Turn Ideas into Executable Concrete Strategy.

If you’re yet to figure out your business strategy you won’t want to miss this!

In this session, you will hear from the irrepressible Elliot Kay, who shares how he helps coaches in the self-development space take random tactics or ideas and map out strategies to break through the 6 figure coach Status.

Elliot Kay

How to Speak Present and Pitch Your Ideas Flawlessly

If the thought of speaking publicly makes you nervous then turning up to Paul “the presentation” Boross is going to be eye-opening:

Famed International Speaker Paul Boross reveals the psychology of presenting flawlessly to get the positive outcomes you will desire in business or personal life if you’re like many people who fear standing up and presenting, Paul’s methods of overcoming the trepidation of speaking in public is second to none, you should not miss his presentation. (including his infectious personality)

Paul Boross

The Smart Way to Write & Publish Your Best Book for Endless Opportunities

Have you ever wanted to write a book but not sure how to? Make plenty of notes in this session.

I’m delighted to present Mindy Gibbins-Klein, who will be explaining the correct framework for writing, marketing and publishing a book which will exceed your expectations. Breaking down how to use your book as gateway to endless opportunities for joint ventures, partnership publicity and speaking engagements.

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

The Ultimate Guide To Making Predictable Revenues Online

If you struggled to grasp online marketing then the presentation below is for you:

In this session, Leon Streete, aka the “Lead Generation Coach”, takes you on a journey of how to make predictable revenues online. He teaches what technology is hot and how to integrate it into a paint by numbers system, which is clear concise and easy to understand even if you’re clueless to online marketing.

Leon Streete

How to Write Emails that Generate Thousands of Pounds £££

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make money with email? After hearing Robert Dene’s presentation you’ll be left with no doubts

Robert Dene Smith, aka “the Marketing Manifesto Guy” gives you the insider’s guide to the magic formulas as used by the very best direct sales copywriters, and how you can deploy them in your business to gain an unfair advantage in bonding with clients and making money from his simple email methods.

Robert Deene Smith

The Best Way To Create Video Content With Your Smart Phone

Do you have any idea how much video content is being consumed daily and how you can profit from it? In Victoria Grech’s presentation, you will discover  how to create compelling video content without needing any high- tech equipment.

This content can be repurposed for branding, social media, lead generation and a host of other applications. Victoria is one of only two British speakers who have been asked to do a workshop live to audience of 150,000 viewers on the Creative Live Network.

Victoria Grech

How to Get the Press to Promote Your Brand For Free

Have you ever wondered how to get in the Media?  Fiona Harrold can show you how.

Fiona Harrold is an accomplished author as well as a sought after coach. She trains her clients how to become media darlings and get mass exposure without spending thousands of pounds by being featured in newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. So if you’re looking to raise your profile this presentation will prove more than insightful.

Fiona Harrold

Here’s How to Book Your Free Ticket.

I’m sure you’ll agree, this is a super line-up of speakers who will be sharing their very best concepts to help you become the undisputed expert in your chosen field.

To reserve a seat, scroll down, choose the morning or afternoon session, and CLICK THE REGISTRATION LINK, then fill in the form. 

We look forward to seeing you at the event.

All the Information You Need

Date: Thursday 27th July

Evening Session: 6pm-9pm

Venue: Copthorne Tara Hotel, Scarsdale Pl, Kensington, London W8 5SY. Closest tube station. High St Kensington

Urgent Registration Deadline

Introduction: Evening

6pm - 9pm 27th July - London

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